2023 Numbers
Alpha: 5.6
Beta: 4.4
HSI: 0.17

Cascade is the hop that started it all. Named after the mountain range in Oregon, it defined the American Pale Ale style. Cascade offers a great citrus grapefruit flavor and aroma from the high levels of myrcene oil. It's ideally used in late hop additions to maximize that bright flavor and aroma. The bright citrus is backed by some soft floral and spice, which rounds out the profile. It makes a great wet and whole cone option.

Aroma: Citrus (Grapefruit) and Floral
Use: A dual purpose, most often used as an aroma hop, but also has a use on the bittering side of the brew.

What's being brewed with Cascade?
American Pale Ale
India Pale Ale
American Porter
Blonde Ale
Amber Ale
American Hefeweizen
American Barley Wine
Red Ale