From Farm to Tap

Our farm has some pretty unique history that we love to share. Come learn about its history and our plans to preserve it and build out our hops yard.

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Our Hops

Here are the hop varieties currently being farmed, harvested and packaged.

Valley Cascade

The hop that defined the American Pale Ale style. Cascade offers a great citrus grapefruit flavor and aroma. It's ideally used in late hop additions to maximize that bright flavor and aroma.

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Lanark Centennial

Sometimes referred to as a “Super Cascade” because its aroma is somewhat like Cascade but has a higher bittering potential. Centennial is incredibly well-rounded and useful for bittering, flavor, aroma, and dry-hopping.

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Northern Galena

Galena is well known as a reliable, clean-bittering, high alpha hop. The clean-bittering of this hop works well as the base bittering palate for other more flavorful and aromatic hops.

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