2022 Batch 1
Alpha: 8.6 Beta: 6.3 HSI: 0.29

2022 Batch 2
Alpha: 13.3 Beta: 7.4 HSI: 0.26

Galena is well known as a reliable, clean-bittering, high alpha hop. The clean-bittering of this hop works well as the base bittering palate for other more flavorful and aromatic hops. Rarely used as a late stage hop unless you're looking for strong blackcurrant.

It is characterized with aroma’s of sweet fruit such as peaches and pears; citrus elements like grapefruit, lime, and pineapple. Hints of spicy woodiness, blackcurrant, and gooseberry can also be found.

Batch 1: Strong black currant, light peach, very woody
Batch 2: Strong peach with a hint of lemon, pine

Use: Bittering hop, traditionally used as an early hop in the brew.

What's being brewed with Galena?
English Style Ales
India Pale Ales
American Pale Ale
Barley Wines
Brown Ales
American Wheat
Golden Ales